Chatter 4 Change Podcast

During Chatter 4 Change podcast, youth discuss information and inspiration on current events and issues. The WC True Blue Crew is a dedicated group of youth in Western Kentucky working to promote youth substance prevention. Crew members are Character Counts teen leaders and are committed to being drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. In this podcast, members will share their personal opinions and motivators for being leaders in their community. Guest speakers will range from peers to grandparents. To listen, click the podcast link below or follow us on #TellingOurStoryKY

S2 E7 True Colors Week Chatter 4 Change

The High School and Early College Crew members catch up with Katelyn from the True Blue College Crew talking about the upcoming True Colors Week.  Also, in honor of Ms. Dianne McFarling, who contributed more than we can possibly share in one podcast, we dedicate this episode to her memory.   
  1. S2 E7 True Colors Week
  2. S2 E5 Trending Disaster
  3. S2 E4 Good Times!
  4. S2 E3- Tips for a Clear Mind
  5. S2 E2- TLC Memories.