4th of July Event

Webster County True Blue will have an information table at the Providence 4th of July Event, Thursday, from 5:00 p.m. until the fireworks begin around 9:30.  Stop by for information on how to talk to your children about drugs and bring your children to get a special treat.


True Blue Signs

Are you wondering where you can get a TRUE BLUE yard sign? Message us or pick up a sign at the Webster County Board of Education. Start a conversation with your friends and family about why you support a DRUG FREE WEBSTER COUNTY!

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Webster County True Blue Camp

On May 22, 2019, Webster County High School Youth True Blue Crew hosted the 1st Annual True Blue Camp.  Students who participated in True Blue Crews at the elementary schools and the middle school during the 2018-2019 school year were invited to attend. True Blue members participated in team building activities facilitated by WCHS True Blue Crew members. Crew members also initiated the process of developing TRUE BLUE Youth Action Plans for the 2019-2020 school year which they will presented to school principals for approval. The one day TRUE BLUE Camp was funded by the Kentucky Youth Empowerment System and Drug Free Communities grants.


Webster County True Blue, Youth Council, Latino Alliance, Skills USA, FCA, FCCLA, FFA, and HOSA are sponsoring a “CELEBRATE FREE” campaign during the month of May. The end of a school year is the time to celebrate prom, senior night, graduation, and summer break. The sponsoring clubs would like to remind students and parents/guardians that everyone should celebrate, BUT should celebrate FREE from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful choices.

This is a great time for parents to host a drug, alcohol, and tobacco FREE gathering for students and their peers.  The Youth True Blue Crew would like to remind parents/guardians that students can have a great time while CELEBRATING FREE!

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Webster County Truth and Consequences



Webster County 8th grade students participated in Truth and Consequences on April 26, 2019. Students randomly selected a scenario involving Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, or other harmful choices which required them to conference with professionals from the community. Students learned the consequences of risky decisions and the importance of being drug free. Truth and Consequences is an initiative of the UK Extension Co-op, and is co-sponsor by several community agencies.

The following is a sample scenario with the professionals listed who conferenced with students:

During an announced drug search, the drug dog identified pills (possibly Lortab) in the binding of one of the books in your locker. The principal turned you over to the police.

1          School Resource Officer

2          Court Designated or Juvenile Justice Dept. Worker 

3          County Attorney/Federal Prosecutors

4          Judge 

5          Impact/Recovery


Applying the CADCA Knowledge


It’s not just about going…and learning…it’s more about applying the skill back in Webster County. The True Blue National Forum team (Carolyn Sholar, Melea Ramin, Kevin Ranes, Seth Ranes, Raygan Ranes, and Donna Bumpus) presented to the Webster County Board of Education on Monday, February 25, 2019, about the National CADCA Forum. This presentation is just one of many opportunities forum participants will have to share the knowledge obtained during the four days in Washington D.C. earlier this month.  Seth and Raygan, as well as the adults, are using every opportunity possible to share the mission of the WC True Blue Crews.  Seth presented earlier this month to his Social Studies class at WCHS and Raygan will present this week to the Dixon Elementary True Blue Crew. @CADCA #CADCAForum

2019 CADCA Forum

February 3-7, Washington DC.

2019 CADCA National Forum Transforming Communities: The Power of Prevention.

Seth Ranes, Youth True Blue Crew, Raygan Ranes, Youth True Blue Crew, Kevin Ranes, Youth True Blue Co-Sponsor, Melea Ramin, WC KY-ASAP Chairperson, Carolyn Sholar, WCBOE District Liaison, and Donna Bumpus, DFC Coordinator attended the forum. Participants had the opportunity to attend training sessions, hear keynote speakers, speak with legislators, and even see our 1st Lady.

Raygan Ranes was one of three youth attending the CADCA Conference asked to participate on a panel in a session on Over the Counter Medicine. The students responded to the benefits and challenges of educating elementary students on OTC medicines. Raygan and her father, Kevin Ranes, received scholarships that covered their CADCA conference expenses. Raygan’s scholarship, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, required her to prepare for the conference by watching videos on OTC medications. She will also present OTC medication information to elementary students in WC. Kevin Ranes served as a monitor for various conference sessions.