Mini-Mini TLC

The past year has taught us that we can do successful prevention work even in times of a global pandemic. This year the Webster County KY-ASAP True Blue Coalition was unable to implement some of the traditional prevention programs, so the program committee went to work to alter the plans. Since the Mini TLC was cancelled due to the event being a large group activity, the ASAP board collaborated with the middle school to implement a Mini Mini TLC with Hello WCMS in small groups. The Mini Mini TLC was held at the football field and in the middle school gym where 6th grade students were able to participate in character building, decision making, and team building activities with the leadership of the YES Youth Council True Blue Crew and the Webster County Extension Staff. (One underlying objective in ALL the Webster County True Blue Crew’s activities is that younger students see the high school crew have an abundance amount of fun without using substances — and what a FUN day!)