Trending Substances in Webster County


“Trending Drugs in Webster County was presented by Billy Braden and Todd Jones on January 16th at the Extension Office. Local and state statistics were provided on youth drug and alcohol use. Information was provided on the number of overdose EMS calls, hospitalizations and deaths in Webster County for 2016-2018.

Social Service statistics were provided on the percentage of children who are placed in foster or relative care due to drug use at home.

Drug use signs to look for such as behavioral changes, personality shifts, hygiene problems, health issues, school/work concerns and suspicious items found at home or in the car were discussed.

An addict who is now in recovery shared the story of her journey into addiction which began at the age of 11.

Treatment Resources include:
**KY Help Call Center (1-833-859-4356)
**Find Help Now (
**KY State Police Sponsors the Angel Initiative
**Casey’s Law–provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize his/her need for treatment. Parents, relatives and/or friends may petition the court for treatment on behalf of the impaired person.

River Valley Behavioral Health (Owensboro) 800-737-0696

Outpatient/EARLY INTERVENTION YOUTH DIVERSION PROGRAM (for youth who are at risk of substance abuse, or who fall in between Prevention Services and actual substance abuse treatment services)

Cumberland Hall (Hopkinsville) 270-886-1919

Inpatient/Outpatient Adolescence

 Rivendell Behavioral Health (Bowling Green) 1-800-548-2621


 Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health (Radcliff) 270-351-9444

Female Adolescence Inpatient/Outpatient

Support our Webster County True Blue drug free initiative by wearing blue the first day of each month. True Blue t-shirts are available at Barns and Blooms in Dixon and Elite Screen Printing in Henderson.